Treasury Periodic Tasks

Each school may differ in their requirements and methods for periodic tasks. This has been compiled to provide the user with a reference for tasks from a macro perspective.


Weekly tasks include backup procedures, entering checks/warrants and receipts into the Treasury system.
  • Regular backups are recommended - it is easier to restore to a previous day, than to re-enter all your data for a month if something went awry. TIP: Pressing Ctrl-Q will create a quick backup without any comments.

  • Apply your diskettes as received from accounts payable and payroll. Print out your proof list or keep track of them with your List of Outstandings

  • Use proper OCAS coding, the account lookup button is helpful.


Monthly tasks include backup procedures, Reconciliation process and Closing out for the month.
  • Ensure to create your backup once you balance with your bank. Make a note of the backup number, also make a note of where your backups are stored - the path e.g.: C:\Treasury\Back\ . Keep a copy of this backup by copying same to a floppy or emailing the backup somewhere offsite. This procedure safeguards you from losing valuable data in case of fire,flood, theft or other disasters or when your system may get infected with a virus or some other computer problems arise. TIP: Always make comments on your monthly backups for easier reference should you have to restore.

  • Record any outstanding Adjustments, Expenses or receipts. (If any)

  • Print Receipt register
  • Start reconciliation process.
    • Post checks/warrants. TIP: When posting/clearing do them individually or enter a range
    • Print warrant/check lists
      • Outstanding
      • Posted
      • Voided
    • Run monthly reports. (Confirm with your accountant/Auditor or Board on requested reports)
      • Revenue Reports - Monthly/Yearly
      • Financial Reports - Summary of Financial Activities and Board Report
  • Ensure your Summary of Financial Activities and bank statement are in balance. DO NOT CLOSE OUT UNLESS IN BALANCE, once in balance ensure you created a backup with a comment and close out for the month.
    • If not in balance with bank statement:
      • Validate monthly receipts (compare with receipt register or view data in Treasury)
      • Confirm all adjustments match
      • Purchase of warrants (for warrants schools) and treasury check should match
      • Confirm all expenditures and checks issued for the month with your statement
  • Run your Bold Code reports throughout the year and correct coding
  • Run Treasury Update under System to ensure you have the latest and greatest version available






Yearly tasks include backup procedures, Reconciliation process and Closing out for the year.
  • Ensure to create your backup once you balance with your bank. Make a note of the backup number and comment same. (The state may want you to alter some coding later in the year , by having this number on hand it makes for easy restoration if required.)
  • TIP: When creating your final backup prior to closing out month 6 - and the year - "check the checkbox under Database - Backup Database: Check this box if this is the Final End of Year Backup" - this will create a backup with a unique name that will not be removed by maintenance.
  • Run the report under summary of financial activities: "Total by years for all years"
    • From this report identify:
      • Which funds had no activities i.e. zero balances across - to mark for deletion - to delete as part of "house keeping" Go to Treasury -Utilities - Fund Information -Highlight the fund and delete (note the End Of Year Process will auto delete these funds - however this can be done anytime through out the year
      • Note your outstanding checks from previous years - they may be ready to be lapsed or estopped - confirm with your auditor prior to performing this action though
      • ESTOP The objective is to zero out any prior years - thus if you run the "Total by year for all years" all numbers are zero in the prior year - How:
        • Run your outstanding report to identify the fund & check number
        • Void the checks in question
        • Ensure under accounts you have the source "6140" e.g.: 5-11-000-6140-000-050 if general fund - if not add the account - do for each respective fund
        • Go to receipts and create a positive receipt to the current year for the amount in that fund that's being estopped and code to "5-11-000-6140-000-050 if general fund" and do the same for each respective fund. With exception of fund 22 that requires program 700 .
        • **If a warrant school you have to create a negative fund only receipt in the old year e.g.: 4-11-000-0000-000-000 for the total amount in the applicable fund
      • Also ensure you have no negative in any one fund (accept co-op fund) - the system will not let you close out with a negative in any other fund - if so money needs to be adjusted from one fund to another to cater for the negative through fund-only adjustments. Money can be adjusted back to the original fund after close if user chooses in new fiscal year.


  • Closing out for June will start the Yearly close-out process - it is a simple process. Make sure of the following though:
    • You did the required backup's
    • All entries for June has been made
    • Run all monthly reports
    • Run Yearly reports
    • Ensure you balance with the bank (review monthly process)
    • Run your Bold Code reports - correct any errors that may be thrown out by the system or by last minute changes by the state.
    • Merge your Treasury Revenue and Expenditures with other diskettes from other programs for your school for submission to the state - this may be done at a later stage as it is possible that you have not received all the data from Activity Fund and/or Trends
  • Once you close out for June you will see a message - Required end of year reports will autostart
    • The system will automatically generate the following reports prior to starting the Year End Process, but after closing out June:
    • Users will also have option to save these reports
      • List of Year to Date Adjustments
      • Summary of Financial Activities - Totals by Year for All Years
      • Detailed Revenue Analysis
      • Detailed Revenue Analysis by Project
    • Note: The reports will be minimized to your system tray (at the bottom of your screen) they can each be clicked on and printed for your records
    • Note2: Any additional reports can be printed by minimizing the screen at this stage and going to the reports the user may require. Once completed c lick on the Windows menu option and click on End of Month Processing this will take the user back to click on "Start EOY Processing" or if no more reports are required, just click on "Start EOY Processing"
    • The first window will want to know about your account estimates - each button will provide you with an option what to do with your estimates based on your preference. (Remember these estimates can be altered throughout the year after closeout - We recommend to Use last years revenue, however it is users choice)
    • The system will them generate some Investment reports - if you have any - for your records
    • The next step the system will ask user to Enter Encumbered Reserves for each fund - which refers to any bills you may have outstanding that you may want to pay with old year moneys. It is likely you do not have any - in that case just leave the amount blank and click continue through each fund.
    • The system will then generate a report of all adjustments and summary of financials - print for records
  • Please note that reports for the previous year will not be available after close out (Unless user restores back to the last backup) (With exception of year afore mentioned reports that are save in the default folder: C:\EDS\Treasury\Data)
  • TIP: If user needs to restore back to the old year - after restoration exit the Treasury system and go back in - in order ensure your tables are updated correctly in the system.
  • Welcome to the New fiscal Year