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Development Utilizes 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Visual Basic, .Net, Visual Studio 2005-2015 technologies, ActiveX/OLE, Microsoft Data Access Components, MSDE, ODBC, HTTP, FTP, Native API's, SQL Server (2000-2016(beta)) integration, Access, Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects, Microsoft Scripting, & COM. ADO, converting to SMO technologies. In-Process DLL Servers And Out-of-Process Executables.  Our engineers use .Net framework 1.0 to 4.6. A comprehensive programming model for building our applications, incorporating Java and JS, for its stability and cross-platform compatibility, C/C++, Component One and Xceed Component Suite into our architecture.


Command Module and Activity server are a stand-alone utilities loaded on the database server for monitoring the database engine via polling, performing interval database backups, accessing the FTP sites, attaching and restoring the database, and monitoring system resources on the server. Only one copy of server Modules are loaded at a site/server and is usually administered by the IT staff. An instance can be installed on the same OS as the Command Module. We are finalizing a single services product that would cater for all our products to perform this service using SMO Technology.


Our software is comprised with numerous modules performing various business functions. Each with unique and secure accesses to the modules via referencing, eliminating users from accessing software without proper login authorization. Security and data integrity are vital to today's business needs, and we placed redundant backups and obstructions to unauthorized users. Data encryption and compression, security authentication and DLL referencing ensure data integrity.


We support relational database for all our System Administration and Transaction processes. The Databases are composed of an array of tables with related keys and indices. Databases are security encrypted and only accessible from within the various interfaces. With technology advancements we improve  database performance with object-relational mapping (ORM) and optimising operations.

Offsite Utilities

Disaster recovery is provided through the Offsite Backup Utility within our product range. This add-on feature  creates a database backup using SQL-DMO and SMO technologies. A compressed , encrypted file is uploaded to a mirrored FTP site. The feature is managed by the user, who can initiate this process.

Auto-Update Utility

Our software Engineers and  Development staff provide updates, add-ons, and bug fixes via the AutoUpdate features, an integral part of providing downloads for the most recent updates to our software. Including enhancements, updates to the database, program changes, query analysis, and general upgrades.  Each product has this feature as a unique process that instantiates this feature.

Unlock Codes

Certain features within our product range require an unlock code to perform internal functions and ensure data integrity of the database and validate user authority.  Examples include; transferring or restoring your database via FTP, recalculating budgets, and overriding precautionary security features. The unlock codes are encrypted conversions of the ASCII set with check digit enforcement.

We are committed to stay abreast of technological advancements and newer technologies. Our first consideration is our clients needs, prerequisites and infrastructure. With innovative computational strategies and numerical algorithms for  all engineering problems, we will analyse and simulate techniques and systems  though model and  sessions on team foundation servers and scrum applications. Focus will remain on control of the accuracy, stability and efficiency of computational process , exploring new computing environments, utilizing advanced visualization techniques, virtual environments and prototyping. Application of object-oriented technology to engineering problems. Primary key is optimization, quality and reliability.

Technical Notes